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Who Views My Facebook profile? Here is a real facebook tracker that works.

[Facebook] Track when people on your friendlist view your profile
By Patrick
March 17, 2010, 11:28:31 AM
*This stopped working but check back for a new method I will create again*
There are no other real methods on the check back here & check out the other secret codes I post in other posts on this blog..

This facebook tracker method was previously released to the members last week via private messaging me. The info was quickly leaked to facebook and it was patched for a few days. It is now working again. I've decided to post the method this time around (I had to make a few edits to my original instructions. If you had been using the previous instructions-the tracker should still be working for you..if you want to start tracking a new person-you need to follow these edited instructions).

Use this trick while you can, as this won't last a long time. No other code website can offer a free facebook tracker method that actually works. Most of the other code websites have a sloppy-designed tracker, if any, and theirs doesn't work.. to top it off they actually try to charge a fee for their piece of shit tracker. I've received private messages from people who are members on multiple code websites..telling me that they are very happy to have found a place like mine because they're finally fed up with other code sites due to their bogus promises, delays,and intentional taunting from those sites trying to make a buck or two. The other so-called-tracker-methods from other sites also require the profile visitor (the person you want to track) to click on something or to add an application and agree to be tracked..along with vague, incomplete, and confusing instructions. The facebook tracker method in this thread only requires that a person views your profile.. they don't have to click or add anything. And it's free, with complete instructions. You won't find real and free methods besides mine.

This tracker tracks people that are already on your friend list. If you are trying to track non-friends.. you will have to put a link (in a public area of your profile) and hope that the visitors click on the link..the link leads to a webpage that you have a tracker embedded in. That is out of the scope of this thread and, eventually, I will create a tutorial for that. But that one is a a tutorial for that is not a priority now. This is for tracking people who are already on your friend list.

In order for this to work, you must use the exact instructions given in this tutorial. It can seem like alot of steps, but every step must be followed if you want to use this tracker. If you skip a step or veer off, you will not have success with this. Every step that you need to make the tracker work is listed in the instructions.
Some people will use this to see if a certain friend of theirs has been checking out their profile. Some people have actual target's on their friend list via a fake profile.. so it would be handy to know when the target is checking out the fake profile, etc. It has many uses.

Instructions (you must follow every step)

**If you already use Adblock and have filters added to block trackers..skip step number 1**

-If you are using the Internet Explorer Browser.. start using Firefox. Install Firefox @
-Next, install a Firefox addon that will allow you to start blocking trackers and annoying advertisements (some advertisements are capable of causing unwanted changes to your computer). Add the Adblock Plus extension @
-Even tho you now have the Adblock Plus extension installed, you are not blocking any trackers or annoying ads yet. So you must do a few things to your Adblock..

This is how to block a huge portion of annoying ads:
A. Click on Tools from your Firefox browser menu list
B. Scroll down to Adblock Plus Preferences
C. Click on Filters
D. Click on Add Filter Subscription
E. Choose 'easy list (USA)'then apply and save changes.

This is how to block the specific tracker that is used in this facebook tracker method. You need to be blocking this tracker so that you don't launch the tracker while you are installing the tracker onto your facebook or while you are viewing your own profile. You will confuse your tracker hits if you allow yourself to get tracked. Also,be sure to continue using Firefox and Adblock while you are using facebook to ensure that you don't launch the tracker on any of your future visits to your own profile (to block a larger list of known trackers for myspace..follow the instructions found in a sticky'd topic in the facebook/myspace discussion area). To block this specific tracker:
A. Click on Tools from your Firefox browser menu list
B. Scroll down to Adblock Plus Preferences

C. Click on Filters
D. Click Add Filter
E. Type in the box for your new filter
F. Choose apply and/or okay. If you are asked if you want to append or overwrite, choose append.

-Head over to and sign up for a free tracker. Mixmap is the tracker that you will be placing on your facebook profile.
-While signing up for mixmap, you will see a question that says "Where will the tracker be used? On or Other Site?" Choose Myspace. It will ask you to enter the Friend ID for your myspace profile--enter ANY friend ID number. This doesn't have to be your actual Friend ID. Put any number in there, it doesn't matter. Click to confirm.
-Also, it is wise to set your tracker settings to private. Choose "Privacy Private:Viewable to only you"
-After you are done signing up with and choosing your privacy settings.. Choose to get code. gives you 4 tracker code styles to choose from. Choose the Third Option (Option 3: A Customizable Image) Copy and paste the tracker code into notepad.

The tracker code will look similar to this:
(you'll have your own specific numbers in place of X's)
(I also removed the outside tags.. you'll need to add them in. Tags are < and >
If you don't understand this, visit the forum I moderate at to see this in full @

a href="" target="_new" title="MySpace Tracker">
MySpace Tracker
MySpace Tracker<>
-Head over to Facebook and login.
-Install the application named "Profile Box" @
(install by clicking on the blue box for "Go to Application" and choosing the "allow" option).

-When you add the app, you are taken to a page that has two tabs (one is called 'profile tab' and one is called 'profile box' ) You MUST work within the one named 'profile box' if you want people to be tracked when they view your profile (this way, they don't have to click on anything). Once you click to use the one named 'profile box' will see this message in a pink box "Please be aware that Facebook will no longer be supporting profile boxes very soon. You should move your content to a profile tab instead." You can ignore that for now, but be aware that once that change occurs, it will break this tracking method. It should still work when that occurs, but in a different manner.. at that time the user must then click to view one of your opposed to just having to view your profile.

The following is the default text that is already in the "app box" when you click to work within the one named 'profile box'. You don't need most of the default text that is in the "app box" .. Instead, you'll want to remove most of it and insert your mixmap tracker code into it..

Example of how it looks by default:

Click here to edit the contents of your profile box.

This application allows you to place anything you want in this box using plain text or HTML. Get creative!

Click here to edit the contents of your profile box.

img src="" width=0

Tags were removed from the tracker code in the above example. Again, if you don't understand this, then visit the forum I moderate at @

-After you've removed the default text and added in your mixmap tracker code, you can submit it by clicking the submit button under the yellow box.

-You will need to set permissions for this box so that only the person that you want to track becomes the only person that can view the box. Facebook allows you to make things viewable to only certain people on your friend list. To do this for this specific application box:
A. Click account at the top right of your facebook profile (click it once)
B. Scroll down and choose applications settings
C. Scroll down to the app you installed (named profile box)
D. Click on edit settings (located to the right of the name of the application)
E. Next, a box pops up with privacy options and options to add a tab and to add a box (go ahead and click add for both a "tab" and for a "box". Only the one for 'box' is needed, but a tab is okay to have too).
F. Next, click the drop down arrow for privacy and choose customize.. then choose the option for specific people... (this may be named "some people") type in the name of the friend that you want to track. You must be sure to click "save setting" immediately after you add in their name. You also need to click "okay" again. Since this person is now the only person that can view the box, you will get a hit on your mixmap tracker when they view your profile and you will know it is that specific person. Sometimes you can get their actual IP address, but most times you will get a facebook server IP (this does not mean that facebook is checking out your profile). It doesn't matter which IP you get, when you get a hit on your tracker--you will know that it came from the person that you were trying to track because they are the only person who has the permissions to view that on your profile. They are the only person who can launch the tracker code (besides you, which is why you are blocking mixmap so you don't track yourself while viewing your own profile and/or while installing this tracker onto your facebook).
G. After you've set the permissions.. go back and view the changes you made via "edit settings" to ensure that the changes were saved. Facebook can be a little touchy and glitchy at times when saving changes.

The last step involves you pinning the profile box to your profile so that it will track your visitor as soon as they view your profile. They don't need to click on anything. They don't need to visit one of your tabs, etc. All they have to do is view your profile because this box will be pinned somewhere on the left side of your profile--below your default picture. That is what makes this tracker unique.

To Pin the box to your profile:
Sometimes the option to "Add to Profile" hides for some reason (this option is via a blue box within the actual app while you are inserting your tracker code). After performing numerous tests on this tracker method, the option to "Add to Profile" usually disappears between step 3 and step 4. Let it disappear, don't jump the gun by clicking on it, or you will mess up this tracking method.

Since, by this time, the option to add to profile has already disappeared, you can still pin the box to your profile this way:
A. View your profile and click on your "boxes tab" (near where your info and photos tab are)
B. Scroll down to the box named "Profile box" (which is the name of the app)
C. Click the little pencil icon (located at the top right of the box)
D. Choose the option for "move to wall tab"
E. A box *may* pop up titled: "Add Profile Box to your profile?" Don't change any thing in that box, just click the blue button at the bottom of the box for "add" It will then take you to your profile where you need to confirm the new box.. select the blue button for "keep"

At this point, if you have followed every step correctly, you have a box with a tracker code embedded in it on your profile. This box is now located on the left side of your profile, and somewhere under your default profile photo. Since you are blocking the tracker now (if you followed all steps correctly) you should go ahead and view your own profile to ensure the box is pinned to your profile. If it is there, and you have the permissions set correctly, you are now ready to track.

To see your visits, login to mixmap from time to time and see if you have any hits. As mentioned, you will usually see a California IP from facebook instead of your visitor's actual IP address.. that doesn't mean that facebook is checking out your profile. It is actually a hit from your visitor that has the permission to view your "profile box" (the way that images are hosted on facebook is what causes you to sometimes see a facebook IP.. this is the plainest way to explain this). Any hit you see is from your visitor that you gave permission to view the box. The visitor has no idea that they are the only person that can see the box, they are not given any notification. They will be clueless about what is going on. If you are careless and view your own profile without blocking the mixmap tracker.. you will see yourself as a hit on your tracker logs (even though the person you are tracking is the only person that has permission to view that box.. you also have permission to view that box since it is your fb profile). This is one of the reasons that you must follow every step precisely in this tutorial. Otherwise, you will screw it up for yourself.

If you would like to stop tracking your visitor but you want to start tracking a different person, you can remove the initial person from having permission to view that box, and then give the new person, from your friend list, the permission to view the box.

There is a way to track 2 people at the same time, by keeping what you have already done and then using the same exact instructions in this tutorial except you will need to use a different application instead of the "profile box" application. You need to use another app @ If someone wants to track more, there are possible ways, but it really isn't worth cluttering up your profile.. when you clutter up your profile, you run the risk of your other trackers to not load properly.. thus causing you to miss hits from the people you are already tracking.

If you simply want to track a group of people, you can enter multiple names while setting permissions. Keep in mind, if you do this, since more than one person has the permission to view the box.. you will have no way of knowing exactly which person in the group is the one that viewed. Most people will choose to put just one name in there, but this option is available since everyone has different situations, purposes, and needs.

If the visitor is viewing your profile with their cellphone (mobile facebook) or if they are using will not be tracked. This works if they view your profile from the regular website.

Also, as mentioned in the threads, this has a tendency to only track their first visit. The quickest surefire way that I've noticed to track them again.. is that you have to get assigned a new tracking code from mixmap and enter it in place of the previous code you had inserted into the application. This is easy with mixmap, because you can have multiple tracking codes on one mixmap account (you don't have to register to mixmap over and over, you can have numerous tracking codes via one mixmap account). To quickly create a new tracking code.. select "Create a Tracker" at the top of the mixmap page. Once you do this a few times, it becomes easier. In your spare time, you can create a handful of tracking codes to have ready to use (this will come in handy if your visitor visits your profile often). Your new tracking code will look similar to the previous one you used.. however it will have different digits in it. If you keep track of them all and keep track of which ones you've already used, then you can avoid confusion for yourself.

One thing to remember about trackers, is that no tracker works 100% of the time. There are too many factors that can prevent a track.. such as the target blocking trackers (not many targets no to block trackers), also page loading times vary and fail from time to time via target's browsers. There are a small handful of factors that may prevent a track but trackers do work most of the time, if used properly.

Who Views My Facebook profile 
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A new Facebook Tracker--who is visiting your profile? 2010

I have created a new working Facebook Tracker that lets you know who visits your facebook profile. It tracks people that are already on your friend list. The visitor does NOT have to click on anything and they do NOT have to install any app. This is stellar and it's free.. much better than what any other website can offer.

I will post it later.

Friday, September 25, 2009

seegugio application and photostalker application for facebook photos

These are used in between working codes..

seegugio application and photostalker application for photos

Check out other posts in this blog for some working codes.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If you are looking for real codes to view private profiles on myspace and on facebook..

To see the newest codes to view private profiles on myspace and facebook private profiles..

Stay tuned.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Facebook tracker--Here is how to track and see who visits your facebook profile

Update: This stopped tracking for me. I will update if I find a fix.

Are you curious which of your friends/stalkers are visiting your facebook profile??
Have you been looking on the net for a free facebook tracker that actually works? You've ran across one here, I've tested my method and it works. Also, venturing into which apps allow html to provide the readers with even more facebook trackers.

Here is the trick to track them. Keep in mind, only people who can see your Advanced Wall will be tracked by using this method. You may need to open your facebook privacy settings so that it is viewable to everyone. You will also need to alter your tracking code. Here is a simple run-down on how to do this...

Install the advanced wall app to your facebook:

Copy and paste your tracking code into notepad, so that you can easily alter it. You can get a free tracking code from mixmap and and many others.

example--not an actual tracking code:

Alter it from this:
img border=0 height=0 width=0 src= /

to this:
img src="" width="0" height="0" /

Don't forget to add in the tags around the tracker code... < > are tags

Then make a post to your own advanced wall by clicking the html icon for inserting html in the box. Type in a few words to make the post look legit. Your code will be invisible if you alter it as I showed above. Also you will need to pin it to the top of your advanced wall so that new posts to your advanced wall don't push it down to a next page. Now, anytime anyone views your advanced wall, you can track them. To lure them in even easier, put your advanced wall on your profile page to make it easier for them to get to it, rather than them having to go to your advanced wall tab. Within the box on your profile, it will have a link that says "view posts to my advanced wall" ...once they click that and are taken to your advanced wall--they are tracked. You get their ip address, ISP, city/state, and any other info that your tracker provides.

I have another method on how to alter your tracker code so that 99% of people who are blocking trackers can't block your facebook tracker (only the smart ones can outwit the method. Smart ones=1%) but I need to keep it underwraps a little while longer since it is proving very useful for another project underway, as no one is aware of it yet. Not a teaser, it will be released eventually.

So now you have it, a free facebook tracker that actually works.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Private Photobucket Exploit and Codes for Photobucket private photos

The most recent exploit was patched for seeing private photobucket pictures.

Currently, there are working codes in this blog on how people see parts of private myspace profiles and private facebook profiles. The codes used are actually loopholes and not hacks and not hacking photobucket albums..otherwise known as seeing private photobucket buckets.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Want to make your profile look like it's deleted?

Although many others have tried to claim credit for this trick, all credit goes to Eileen--the Queen of Myspace Html codes, hacks, tweaks. For private profile codes, look at my other posts in this blog or check out my new Private Profile Code Forum.

Here is a link Eileens blog that makes your myspace profile look deleted..

How to see hidden stuff on a myspace profile

Run into a profile that has things hidden?...Not to be confused with viewing a private profile, as the codes for viewing private myspace and facebook profiles are found in other posts in this blog. This post is merely to reveal hidden items on a profile.

People can have a myspace 1.0 public profile but use codes to hide certain areas of their profile--such as their comments and friends. Usually the firefox "no page style" method will reveal them. But now the "firefox no page style method" doesn't seem to work with hidden stuff on 2.0 myspace profiles. This is how to view them regardless..

Go directly to their friends page, comments page, etc.
--one simple way is to view your own info, then change the friend id in the address bar to theirs.

Here are some example urls you can run as well..insert their friend id in place of

For hidden comments:
For hidden friends:

note: This does NOT reveal info on private profiles..unless you are on their friends list.

The above method is also similar to how you can view parts of profiles without going to the actual profile; thus preventing myspace profile view counter hits. Also, it can help prevent getting tracked by avoiding their main page..but of course some people have trackers embedded in many areas of their profile so you could get tracked by just viewing their comments, pictures, blogs etc if there is a tracker in there. I have a tip to help prevent getting's in another one of my posts on this blog. Make sure you are always blocking trackers and/or use a proxy.

View Myspace Private Profiles with a simple search website

I managed to find many private myspace profiles by going to

It showed top friends (with full names) and some other profile details from private myspace profiles. It's free but a "hit and miss" method.

How to block myspace trackers

This blog is geared more around the subject of viewing myspace private profiles and viewing facebook private profiles, but no discussion on myspace can lack an important factor...trackers.

Many people think that myspace trackers are not real, but they are. True, some tracker websites are designed maliciously to get personal info from you or to hack and hijack your account..But there are some actual legit myspace trackers out there that show the ip and info of who is visiting a profile on myspace. Many people are using them so it's best to find out how to block trackers on myspace. Most people want to know how to see who visits a myspace profile.
If a tracker website actually asks you for your myspace email and password, then it is likely a scam.

The quickest and better way to block myspace image trackers is to use firefox and go to tools/options/content tab/uncheck box for load images automatically. This will disable the images on the myspace page so that your ip address is not tracked by an image tracker. They still get a hit on their myspace profile view counter, but no hit on their tracker.
note: keep in mind that not all trackers use images, so this isn't full proof.

Some people want to view someone's profile and see the images, which is prevented by not allowing images to load. This is where firefox and adblock plus become handy. Simply add the filter list to your ablock plus and you are protected from being tracked from the many trackers listed in the filter list.
Of course there are new trackers that have come out and are not on that filter list yet so don't be fooled into thinking you are 100% safe from getting tracked just because you are using adblock plus and the filter list.

I have another post on this blog that describes more in detail about trackers. You can read it here..

The most full proof way to hide your ip address is to USE A PROXY. Not that difficult to do. One of the only ways you can still be identified while using a proxy, is if someone is using a tracker that collects your cookies (only a few people still have that cookie tracker since myspace broke that tracker). The way it works is, if you check the "remember me" box on myspace login page and you hit this type of tracker on someone's page, it will tell them what email address you used to sign in and will also tell the friend ID's of any other profiles that have signed in under that IP address. Not good news if you have multiple profiles or fake profiles. This is why it's good to always clear your cookies when coming to and leaving websites. Cookies follow you around. And it's never wise on the internet to have websites remember your password.

The first time you read full instructions on how to block trackers, you may begin to feel overwhelmed and it may sound like a foreign language at first. But it is worth it to take the time to learn, and once you do learn--
you will ask yourself why you waited so long to do it. It will become easier after a few times.

note: trackers usually tell what browser the visitor is using and the OS and other computer details such as screen resolution. So if you have unique details (such as a rarely used browser) the person with the tracker can pinpoint you by just looking at this info. So even using a proxy cannot save you from being identified in this rare case.

Another tip:
There is a way to make sure almost 100% that you are not gonna get tracked by an image ip tracker, remember not all trackers are image ip trackers but this will keep you as safe as it gets. You can view the source of a myspace page, scan it for trackers, add any new trackers to your filter list before actually hitting the profile..
Here's how:
This is for public profiles or private profiles that you are friends with. This tip allows you to check a page for trackers before you visit it. Most people like to see what a full page looks like, so before you take a peek, use this to make sure you are blocking all trackers that are on that particular myspace profile.

In addition to a filter list for adblock and the firefox option to prevent adblock from loading any images on a webpage, here is an additional way to take a peek at a page and not get tracked..

The following url needs to be put in the address bar and hit enter after inserting the friend ID in place of x's and it will produce a page containing the "source code" of that page:


You can do this with blog pages and to check picture captions that could contain trackers but you will need to adjust the above url accordingly. Common sense will help you find the appropriate url for each area you want to scan for trackers.

note: The above url will add a hit to their profile view counter.
Once you view the source, copy and paste it into a word pad so you can take a closer look.
Exit the webpage that contains their view source--because there are 'live links' in that view source page--and one accidental click on one of those links could take you to a part of their page that has trackers. Also, there may be a malicious link in there that you dont want to click on. So, get in, get the info, and get out.

note: some areas on myspace require you to be logged in to view those areas.

This is how I choose to do it most of the time.. I use firefox along with adblock plus. I uncheck the box for loading images automatically in tools/options/content tab/uncheck the box. I then hit the profile. No images are displayed but I can still see the image urls by next clicking on the "stop sign" (adblock plus) at top right of my browser. Then I scan the list of image in the box that pops up and look for images urls that contain domains that are not from myspace or other well known websites. Keep in mind that an avid tracker type of person will make an image using a domain similar to myspace. I don't know anyone that desperate to track people, but I'm sure there are people that are.

After you read up on this, if it is still not making sense, just keep at it until you learn how to block myspace trackers so you don't get tracked.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Simple way to see some myspace private profile sections

Recently, myspace has allowed people to determine which sections of their profiles that people want to share. Here is how to check each section on a profile that has their main profile page set to private..

Login to
Run the following url's:
(first replace the x's with the 'targets' friend id)

FYI about myspace codes and hacks for private profiles

I get alot of mail asking, "How do I hack myspace" The answer is simple, you don't. It's illegal to get into someone's account without their permission so don't do it. It's also stupid to phise myspace people because if you get caught, the consequences are bad. I get alot of mail asking, "How do I phise myspace or how do I phise someone?" Once again, the answer is simple..don't. It's not worth the punishment you will recieve.

However, there are url loopholes and something known as the 'token' that allow you to see parts of someone's profile. It's not hacking. From time to time, I share some of the vulnerabilities and loopholes that can be used to see private myspace and facebook profiles. I dispense them (ususally anonymously) to various people from time to time and sit back and watch as the information spreads across the popular message boards. Most of the time, people don't even know that I am the original finder of the loophole, but glory and popularity on the internet mean nothing to me, as it's basically meaningless.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to see who looks at a myspace profile

Use a tracker. There are hundreds of free tracking programs to choose from. I suggest or

Go to the above mentioned sites; they have full instructions on how to use their tracker. It will give you the IP address, date/time, as well as some other browser info on the person that views your profile.

Currently there is only one tracker that I know of that gives more info than others.. It's only 5 bucks a month. You can sometimes get the email address of the person viewing your profile by using profiletracker. I haven't ever used it, but I had many contacts that do and they all think it's worth it.

"tracker" for facebook..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Myspace mobile token

I have created a new way to retrieve the myspace mobile token; either you know what that means or you don't. I'm not gonna post it on the net- so it's existence can be preserved. I will share it selectively.
I have a new scoop on the ms tkn. Since this one took a long time to crack--this one is a keeper at least for now.
It's possible to crack if you are good with math and a few other tools

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Few FAQS about Myspace Trackers

A Few FAQS about Myspace Trackers..
-Written by Patrick


Trackers are real.
--Many places on the Interent will say trackers don't exist; but they do. Those are the same types of people who say that private profiles cannot be seen, but at times there are loopholes that allow viewing of private profiles.

Most trackers will capture your IP address along with date/time of hit as well as some general browser/computer information.
--Your IP address does NOT reveal your home address.
--If a person looks up your IP with an IP lookup site, it usually reveals the location of your Internet Service Provider.
--the only way to get someone's real home address with an IP is if you have a court order or are Gov..or if you have inside connections with an ISP(s).

Some trackers have a database that stores friend IDs that are associated with IP addresses
--usually the database it created by the myspace users that make a "profile friend ID identification" of an IP address; therefore it is not always accurate.
--In fact, some people purposely misidentify hits to prevent the profile from being identified correctly.
--Your friend ID is your "myspace account number"

Some trackers will tell you what links your visitor clicked on
--some also show the referral url (the webpage they were on prior to hitting your profile)

Trackers can be placed in many places on a myspace profile.
--Including the profile itself (about me, interests, etc)
--Headline area (usually people put their tracker code in their headline if their profile is private so that it captures all visitors. Right now it seems that headline trackers only work on 2.0 profiles).
--Blog comments
--Profile comments (some people will also comment their friends with a tracker embedded in it so that they can track who all visits their friends' page)
--Picture captions
--Picture comments
--in myspace messages
--on myspace video channels
--and so on..

*Most trackers are invisible*

People can use multiple trackers.
--Usually if you are using multiple trackers, you will want to use a seperate tracking code for each section so that you can distinguish which area is doing the tracking

You can block known trackers with adblock plus, along with the tracker filter list of known trackers. A good tutorial on how to block trackers is given at a popular website known as

See some private profiles with google cache

If a myspace Profile has recently switched to Private within the past month, you can usually find a google cached version of the page.
-written by Patrick

Keep in mind that it is probably possible to get tracked if there is a myspace tracker in that profile.

In a google search box, Enter the profiles url or friend ID into the following url where the x's are:
click the link that says cached (found below the google hit).

or type this in google along with a little descriptive info about target (such as name of school, city, name, etc)

You will only be able to view the page as is. It wont show current info (its a snapshot from a time in the past) and the links for things such as photo, blog, and friends will take you to the message "This profile is set to private, you must add them..."

Here is how to view clips of blogs. You can usually see clips of blogs that were made before the profile went to private:
-Use the blog list code to get the name of a blog.
-Go to google and click on the "more" link found at the top of the page
-choose "blogs"
-Enter in the name of the blog enclosed in quotation marks. If it is a widely used name of a blog, you may need to put in the myspace user name or ID, or their city/state. Usually the name of the blog in quotation marks along with the myspace user name will suffice.

**note: there is a current code that allows you to see parts of all myspace blogs, found in another post.

After about a month, the profile and blog disappears off of google cache. It may be possible to see cached versions of other parts of profiles.
If you see a cached verison of a profile, grab all data. (such as, friend IDs--by hovering over the avatars of their top friends or avatars in their comment section--the friend ID will appear in the status bar while hovering over an avatar).

You can also right click on images found in comments to get album names for photobucket.

While you are viewing the cached version of a private profile and you see a slideshow on it--such as on view all images. It will then take you to the website of the slideshow.
Bookmark that page to your browser favorites. Now you have access to their slideshow for the duration of their slideshow account. You get to see all future slideshows they create by just going to your browser favorites. Be sure to export that favorite link to a disk so that you never lose it location.

Also with, when you click on view all images-you will see a username at the right top part of the page. That username is usually the first part of their email address. You can usually find their email address by adding mail clients such as yahoo, hotmail, etc. after the user name. Do this searching in myspace's search(find-a-friend feature) until you find a match. This will help you determine what email address someone is using for their myspace account.